by Lamia Baladi

Introducing NYC's coolest concept store - WESH.

When it comes to shopping in New York, it seems that the city doesn’t lack a diversity of options. While this might hold true, there is always room for some freshness, for a new kid on the block. One does not prevent the other: after all, being creative and constantly reinventing itself are at the essence of the city we love to call home. So let us give you a proper introduction to WESH, the woman-owned niche concept store in the heart of NoLita.


Opening its doors in November 2022, WESH is the brainchild of Nesrine Khemiri, the culmination of years of living in New York, working in the fashion industry and travelling the world. WESH is a one-stop niche boutique for all things unique, eclectic and well, cool - a mix of independent designers curated by her selective style, spanning from  unisex clothing to home objects, accessories and most recently, skincare. At the intersection of New York City’s culture, style and music scene (things that have heavily influenced Nessy’s creative vision), choosing NoLita as the location, one of the most fashionable neighbourhoods of Manhattan, was a no-brainer.

WESH attracts a specific consumer: a citizen of the world, confident & curious, who is not afraid to explore new styles and try new things. You can count on our team to walk you through each brand's story, to advise you at best on things you need or didn't know you needed, to elevate your style. 





So what does WESH mean you ask? Pronounced as it is read, it’s a greeting used by young people in the French suburbs, originally stemming from hip-hop and rap culture. WESH is tightly knit to Nesrine’s upbringing and part of her daily vocabulary. 

Growing up in a small community in the French Alps in the nineties, hip-hop and R&B were strong influences in her youth, especially with the rise of music videos. Music videos were a big catalyst in linking high-fashion and street wear. Style suddenly becomes accessible to everyone & anyone can become a trend-setter.

This is what constitutes the essence of WESH: It’s a consolidation of the idea that style influences your emotional state & that you can be whoever you want to be. 

So we welcome you to our journey with arms wide open. Come visit us in person or shop our latest curated styles here… 

We are SO glad to meet you & we WESH you,

Your WESH Team

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