#02: WESH x BIOGRAPHY Interview

by Lamia Baladi

Biography is a sustainable skincare brand specializing in active oils for the face & body.

We met with Linda Thompson, founder & CEO to learn more about Biography, the mission behind it and her very own personal skincare tips! 

How did you start Biography and what is the essence behind it? 

The inception of Biography was an intentional journey, a master plan that took root over 8 years ago.  It began with meticulous research leading to formulas applied initially on 10,000 faces. But the essence of Biography wasn’t in formulas alone but in the vibrant community that formed around these oils and around me. These people’s stories, more interesting than the formulas themselves,  transformed Biography into a dynamic entity that’s redefining beauty. You’ll see a product name like "Petty Grudges” that challenges the norm of flowery naming. Biography is not only about rewriting conventional rules of beauty (like oil vs cream): it's also about fully enjoying this journey with our extraordinary community.

We share the belief that any successful product is conceived with a certain customer in mind. Who are Biography oils made for? 

Biography oils serve all regardless of gender. These are tailored for those who see skincare as an act of self-care, particularly those who appreciate the beauty in their unique stories and are open to new skincare approaches, such as oils over traditional creams. Offering potent and superior formulas, our oils are for anyone in pursuit of visible results, whether you're a man aiming to refresh your skin or a woman looking for a dependable answer to diverse skin concerns.


Can you expand on the concept of the New Natural – how do you blend in the visual identity with the essence and mission behind the products? 

At Biography, the 'New Natural' is a fusion of nature, lab expertise, and individuality. Veering away from the typical brown, green and leafy palette of typical skincare packaging, our visual identity embraces bold hues and dynamic designs that reflect the diverse, 'colorful' beauty stories of individuals. Ultimately, our vibrant visual identity and product philosophy collectively define the 'New Natural'—where everything comes together and is pleasing to all senses. 



What does sustainability mean to you and how do you approach it? 

Every aspect of the product – from formula to packaging to manufacturing – is highly considered.  BIOGRAPHY is committed to transparency at every level and only partners with manufacturers who share the same values. We work with manufacturers in close proximity to NYC that have the added environmental benefit of a reduced carbon footprint because the product travels less -  and we travel less to supervise every aspect of production.

Another facet of our sustainability approach involves innovative packaging solutions. We strive to maintain our vibrant brand identity while on a more sustainable path. This includes the use of environmentally-friendly materials such as glass, FSC-certified paper, and PCR resin bottles, blending visual appeal with responsible practices.


What’s your ultimate skincare routine ? Any Biography tips to keep our skins hydrated for summer time?  

Cleanse: In the evening, double cleanse - a technique advised by a Parisian aesthetician. In the morning, freshen up your skin with a simple mist, like Evian spray for hydration. That’s all.  

Moisturize: Apply our light dry oils to damp skin that locks in water. 

Protect: Sunblock, obviously. 

Nourish: At night, post-cleansing, use a form of retinol, either prescription or over-the-counter, like La Roche Posay or ROC and/or Vitamin C serum. Follow up with niacinamide serum, a real skincare marvel. Finish with a Biography oil like Golden Ray Glow Oil. 


What advice can you give to people who want to lead a more sustainable life? 

 Advice for living sustainably is a broad topic, but my advice is to start small, keep it personal and local:  it could be as simple as using a reusable water bottle, shopping with a tote bag instead of buying a plastic one at the register, or opting for public transport or cycling over taxis. I'm an advocate of supporting local businesses. We haven’t talked about this but I’m assuming you often have shorter supply chains which can be more sustainable, and I am all for contributing to our local economy.  

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