• The Venom Earrings

The Venom Earrings

Rafael Indiana

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Materials: 24k Vermeil Gold,Crystals.

The VENOM earrings. Inspired by Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, who carried a snake-entwined staff with him, the snake has been symbolic of both medicine and toxicology. Asclepius was said to be able to cure all diseases and even provoke Hades to resurrect the dead with its venom and otherwise use it as a poison or healing drug. It was believed to be able to cure a patient or a wounded person just by touch. The snake is also connected with pharmacology and antisepsis, as snakes possess an antivenom against their own poison.

Completely hand sculpted and encrusted with gems. Rafael Indiana hand carves his earrings from wax making each piece unique, which we believe is what gives it it’s authentic ancient beauty.

Every Rafael Indiana product is handcrafted by artisans in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, from wax making each piece unique. We believe it gives the product its authentic ancient beauty. Every design comes with a unique story.