• Maena Crochet Bucket Hat With Seashells Purple

Maena Crochet Bucket Hat With Seashells Purple

Beta Astral

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Crochet Tye Dye Hat

Created in Mexico, with Paraguayan soul, designed in Tulum for the whole world.
Made of 100% organic cotton threads.
Totally Handmade.
Each piece is unique and all the dyes are different.


Cotton threads - Seashells


Hand-knitted - Hand embroidery - Tye dye


Small: Diameter 56cm - Height 11cm - Brim 4cm
Medium: Diameter 58cm - Height 11cm - Brim 4cm
Large: Diameter 60cm - Height 11cm - Brim 4cm

All the pieces are made supporting the local economy of our town located in Yucatan Mexico where we have our atelier located. 70% of the girls work from home so they can be present in their children's lives and in our atelier we make the last customizations by hand for each piece.